Individualized 1-on-1 support to increase your confidence in supporting your child's development and make parenting less stressful. Let's discuss your questions and concerns!


Speaking engagements and group training session for your staff and/or parents group to enhance knowledge and confidence in providing the best care for young children and building strong relationships with their families.

Hello! I'm Summer.

I'm a wife, a mom, an early childhood mental health specialist, parent educator and your support to be the parent or early childhood professional you want to be!

You are the expert on your child, your values and experiences, I have expertise in child development and working with families, so together we can explore and help you decide what is best for YOU and YOUR child.

After working with families and child care programs for 20 years, I've learned that getting to know each child as a unique individual gives us clues about his/her needs and ways of responding to the world. Research in child development provides direction; I will get to know you and your child, your hopes, goals, values, and empower you with strategies to nurture your child and relationship with him/her to make parenting/caregiving more enjoyable!


"Working with Summer helped me understand that I hadn't let my family down. She was understanding and easy to talk to. Now I appreciate myself and my son a lot more."

Mother of four year-old

"When Summer's teaching, you can sense how passionate she is about this work to support families, how much it means to her."

Training Participant

Family Service Provider

"Update - since our exchange, we have literally had the calmest home...when she is overwhelmed I go to her and express empathy and articulate feelings she may be having, she loves the hugs and usually the tears stop. Seriously, just a little empathy and compassion have completely changed the dynamic. Thank you!!!"

Mother of two year-old