DISTRICT FAMILY: Parent Resources In The Washington DC Area

That's what District Family is about...an insider's guide to local small businesses that offer resources to support your child's development and make your job as a parent easier. District Family is a weekly video series sponsored by Lenzy Ruffin Photography.

In this episode, District Family chats with a mom who has created an online platform for building real world support communities of moms who live in the same neighborhood.

In this episode of District Family, Master Fitness Trainer and brand new mom, Ewunike Akpan, owner of LOTUS Fitness, shares the many benefits of physical activity for expecting moms, including reducing her amount of time in labor, and a faster recovery after the baby arrives.

In this episode of District Family, Eugenia Serio and Hope Greenleaf chat with Chanel Blaylock, Pediatric Speech Pathologist and owner of The Speech Boutique. If you're unsure whether or not your preschooler is meeting developmental milestones, Chanel can help.