Here's What a Millionaire in the Making Looks Like

In this episode of District Family, Trey Bonhom chats about his lemonade stand.

It might seem like just something cute and trite, but the fact is that setting up a lemonade stand or any kind of activity that teaches the importance of marketing and sales and customer service will yield real-world money-making skills that are not taught in any level of the educational system.

Tune in to see what Trey has learned and what he's doing with all that money he made.

With his lemonade stand, Trey has learned business skills that most people will either never learn or they won't learn them until decades later when they start their first business.

This is why people who demonstrate entrepreneurial inclinations as children move on to become highly successful businesspeople later in life. The fundamentals of business are the fundamentals of business. Those who learn those fundamentals as children are way ahead of the game.